Saturday, May 17, 2008

Red Light

I'll admit that this isn't a good photo. It's blurry, grainy, and crooked. I still kind of like it.
I took the photo in Amsterdam last summer. All the guide books and websites warn you not to shoot photos of the prostitutes in the red light district. Some even go so far as to warn of dire consequences if you do. That just made me want to get away with it.
I was as sneaky as possible. I was actually standing on the other side of a canal from the building in the photo. I just stood in the dark by the side of a building, pretending to fiddle with my camera while extending the telephoto lens as far as it would go and snapping a quick photo.
The graininess and blurriness actually work for me here. It captures the energy and the feeling of the red light district better than a technically good, carefully composed shot would.

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