Thursday, May 1, 2008


Murphy's Law strikes again. Right after I start a blog to post a photo every day, my internet goes down at home. The last two photos I've posted were done from work, but after today, I won't be back at work until Monday. Someone is coming out to look at our DSL connection tomorrow, but there's no guarantee that we'll have service back. So, it might be a few days before you see a new photo appear here. If there is an interruption, I'll make it up on Monday, I promise!

In a related note, I just want to pass along the fact that Earthlink has, without a doubt, the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Every time I've had to call them, for any reason, was an ordeal. Last night, they kept me on hold for over 50 minutes before I hung up. They were not interested in doing anything about our interruption in service until we called the billing department and told them we were canceling our service. Only then did they schedule a technician to come out.
Think about that before you sign up for Earthlink.

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