Friday, September 5, 2008

Nishika Panorama II

I posted an attempt at a panoramic image made with the four-lens Nishika camera here a couple of months ago. That one was made at the amazing Corona Heights Park in San Francisco (follow that link to see).
Here's another panorama made with the Nishika. It was actually taken in June or July of last year, a couple of months before I took the San Francisco photos. This one wasn't made in a great location like San Francisco, however. You're looking at a nondescript apartment building in Oak Lawn, IL. a suburb of Chicago.

I like this image, the abstract, geometric quality is appealing to me. The odd clouds are really interesting a well and add visual interest. I tried making a VanDyke brown print of it, but just couldn't get it to turn out. It wouldn't have fit well with the work I exhibited in my post-sabbatical show last spring anyway.

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