Tuesday, September 30, 2008


These photos were shot for JPG magazine a couple of months ago. JPG does what they call photo challenges, where you have a week to post something that fits a specific theme. The theme here was shooting a common object in a way that disguises what the object is.

I chose an old 8mm projector that I had bought at a garage sale. It sat around in my basement unused for a couple of years, and was about to get donated to a thrift store. I stuck it in a sunny spot on my living room floor, and using a macro lens, shot a couple dozen photos. I submitted the photo at the top of the post to JPG for the challenge, but the one below is making it's first public appearance here.

I've had my disagreements with JPG in the past, regarding their often capricious curatorial decisions. That's to be expected whenever someone is reviewing or critiquing someone else's work, but they should at least enforce their own submission guidelines consistently. I'm for the most part ok with them at the moment, especially since discovering the work of a couple of people there that is really good and interesting.

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