Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One More

Here's another photo of a boat in Amsterdam. Tomorrow I'll post something different.
Actually, this one's kind of different. It was taken from a a boat in Amsterdam. I was on a tour boat, riding through the canals. The boat had postcards for sale, they were mounted behind a piece of plexiglas above the windows. In this photo, the bottom half of the image is an actual boat in a canal. The top half of the photo is a postcard of a boat in a canal which was mounted inside the boat I was riding on. Confusing, but I like the photo.

If you're ever in Amsterdam, I recommend the boat tours. Yes, they are touristy, but they are cheap, and a great way to see the city, especially when you've been walking everywhere and are tired (Amsterdam is a great city to walk in-it's flat and very compact).

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