Friday, June 20, 2008

Nishika Panorama

Here's an attempt at a panorama made with a Nishika camera. I've posted a Nishika image previously, but as a reminder, it's a four lens camera designed to make lenticular images. I've been trying other things with it, like panoramas.
Unfortunately, I haven't had much success with panoramas made from these images. The ones that do work are like the one you see here: Two shots (more than two gets very busy looking) of architectural fragments. The slight variations in viewpoint and the black borders around the separate images work well with shots of buildings. This building is the Randall Museum in San Francisco, a small natural history museum located in Corona Heights Park, one of my favorite places in San Francisco, and an essential place to visit if you want beautiful, breathtaking views of the city. It's in a quiet, residential neighborhood, but fairly easy for tourists to find, as it's located between the Castro and Haight-Ashbury, two tourist-heavy areas. Not so easy (at least if you're from a flat place like Chicago) is the several blocks of uphill climb to get there. It's worth it, however.
Here's a view from the top of the park.

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