Sunday, June 6, 2010

View From The Top

People seemed to like yesterday's photo (thanks for the comments!) so here's another San Francisco photo. It's a pretty similar view, actually. This was shot from the top of Coit Tower, a couple of steeply uphill blocks from my sister's old apartment, where yesterday's photo was taken (that apartment is in the greenish-yellow building in the lower left of this photo).

Follow the streets as they descend down Telegraph Hill and back up Russian Hill, and you'll see the same apartment buildings and crooked Lombard St. that were seen in yesterday's photo. The dip between the two hills houses the main commercial strip of the popular North Beach neighborhood, and I'm sure you recognize Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

This was shot in October, 2007 on a rainy Friday afternoon not long after I learned that the heavy rainfall had led to my flight back to Chicago being canceled. I went to the top of Coit Tower to shoot, then enjoyed some great sushi for dinner at a place in the Richmond District. Yeah, it's tough when you're forced to spend an extra night in San Francisco!

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Felicia Monique said...

Yeah, poor you! =) Nice shot!