Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogger is Fixed

Last night, I spent 20 minutes trying to upload this photo, but kept getting an error message. It seems they've solved the problem, so here goes.

I took the two photos that make this mosaic when I was visiting San Francisco last October. I shot a lot in Chinatown on that trip. I was staying with my sister. She lives in North Beach, which is right next to Chinatown, and nearly every time I left her apartment I wound up there.

I like the way these photos go together, and planned on making a gum bichromate print of this image. I never got around to that, however. I just got busy with other things. I might still make a gum print of this image. I think the colors would work well in in a gum print, and every time I look at this, I realize that I still like it.

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