Saturday, June 27, 2009

Polaroid Transfer Vs. Polaroid Lift

Here's another pair of images, one a Polaroid lft, the other a Polaroid transfer, both made from the same source image. They were both made like the pair of images I posted earlier this week, from a piece of a magazine page stuck in a slide mount and used as a slide to make the Polaroid prints.

The color difference between the lift and the transfer is due to the process of making a Polaroid transfer. Both of these processes use Polaroid 669 film, which comes with a paper cover that is peeled off of the print after exposure. That cover is actually a negative version of the print. During the minute wait time between snapping the photo and peeling the negative off, the image is transferred from the negative to the positive surface of the print.

When making a transfer, you generally wait only 10-15 seconds before peeling the negative off and beginning the transfer process. Because the different color layers transfer from the negative to the positive at different times, there is a shift in color due to all of the color layers not having been transferred. That color shift isn't terribly strong in these two images. Other times, it is very noticeable.

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