Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Field Museum

Here's an attempt at doing a panoramic image involving several Polaroid lifts. The photos were taken at the Field Museum in Chicago. There's a large area in the museum with beautiful wood cases holding taxidermied animals. I've shot there several times, and on a couple of visits decided to make panoramic type shots. These panoramas, as unaltered photos, are really lovely. I like how the geometry of the spaces becomes confused in the panoramas. As Polaroid lifts, however, they're not nearly as successful. The sense of unfolding space that I like in these panoramas largely disappears in the wrinkles and distortions created by the lift process.

Polaroid list panoramas aren't any more difficult than doing lifts of individual images, but they do take more time. Each lift must be completely dry before attempting the next one. For this piece, there are four seperate photos, meaning I worked on it for four days.

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