Friday, June 6, 2008

Super 8

Here's one more achromatic photo. I could probably find more, but it seems like it's time to move on to something different.
This is one of those photos shot just for the heck of it. I had bought someone's old 8mm home movie at a garage sale (it turned out to be footage of an air show). I cut a bunch of strips of the film, and was scanning them in with the idea I would do something with them someday. While I was scanning the film, I noticed this piece on my desk. I liked the shadow it was casting, so I shot a couple of quick photos of it.
I never ended up doing anything with the scans of the film. As for the film itself, I got tired of it laying around my studio, so I threw it in a bag and gave it to one of my students. I don't think he's done anything with it either. At least, I haven't seen anything he's made from it.

By the way, for those of you who read Lightbender, my other blog, I've finally started working in the studio again, and should have something to post in a few days.

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