Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love Fall, it's my favorite season. With the arrival of Fall-like weather a few days ago, I've found myself having increased energy, and simultaneously wanting to be outside and spending more time working in my studio.

This photo looks like it was taken in late Fall, but it wasn't. It was actually shot on Christmas Day, 2006. I'd gone wandering in the fields behind my mom's house in Michigan with my camera and shot this (and several dozen other photos).


Reenu said...

Its beautiful!! Did you also add any special effects to it?

Tyler Hewitt said...

Thanks for the comment! I didn't so anything to the photo except for add a little contrast. It's pretty much just like it was shot. The sky that day was odd and beautiful-mostly cloudy, and the clouds had a slight pink cast. Occasionally. the blue sky would peek through.