Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Walking (Sitting Is Fine)

Back from Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan. I had to battle a snowstorm during the drive home, but made it through ok.

Today's photo was taken in the Begijnhof in Amsterdam on a rainy day in 2005. It's meant to be a visual joke. The sign indicates no walking, but the statue is of someone sitting, so it's allowed (I didn't say it was a good joke!).

I returned to the Begijnhof when I visited Amsterdam in 2007, and noticed 'no photography allowed' signs throughout. I didn't see them when I was there earlier, and wouldn't have shot there if I did. Maybe they made the no photos policy sometime after my first visit. I shot quite a few photos there, so if I wasn't supposed to, all I can say is oops, sorry!

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