Friday, August 29, 2008

Maui Petroglyph

Today's photo is a petroglyph on a rock in Maui. These petroglyphs are in a fairly remote area in Maui. It's off the only road that runs between the towns of Kihei and Lahina, two of the biggest tourist areas on the island. It's a short drive down a gravel road, then about a half mile walk to the rock outcropping where they are located. We found instructions on how to find them in the book Maui Revealed, which is billed as the guide that tells you where all the cool stuff is on Maui that no one knows about. The problem is that most of the tourists on Maui seem to have a copy of that book, so everyone does know about the cool stuff. That said, we were the only people around these petroglyphs.

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