Friday, September 7, 2012

Retro Bowl

This isn't digital infrared, this was shot last June with infrared film in a 35mm SLR camera. I discovered some infrared film in a box in my studio closet I had forgotten about, and decided to shoot some. I like this photo, and had plans to shoot more mid-century vernacular architecture in infrared, but found upon developing the two rolls I shot that my ancient SLR camera is developing a sticky shutter. I know from experience that repairing it would cost more than the camera is worth, so I moved on to other creative pursuits while deciding what to do. I like the mid-century architecture idea, however, and would love to go shoot in the Westlake neighborhood of Daly City, CA. I'd probably do that in digital infrared-I don't want to drag a heavy film SLR (and a tripod) halfway across the country.

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