Sunday, July 17, 2011


I bought a new toy today-a pinhole for my digital camera. It's called a Pinwide, a plastic cap for a micro four thirds camera which turns it into a pinhole camera. It arrived in today's mail right as I was about to leave to meet a friend at the Art Institute of Chicago, but I quickly shot a few photos before leaving. This pinhole  allows for super wide angle shots, and like all pinholes, has very long depth of field which allows for objects very close to the camera as well as far away to be in focus. The toy in the photo above was only about two inches from the camera body, impossible with most lenses.

This one was shot in my backyard. I was hand holding the camera-no tripod-and it was about a 3 second exposure, so it's a bit blurry, but still looks pretty good.

So why use a device that basically turns a very sharp digital camera into a low-fi toy? I could probably give several reasons, but let's go with my liking the look of these photos. And because I can.

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