Monday, August 2, 2010

Holga Infrared

I was given two rolls of expired 120 infrared film a couple of months ago. Infrared photos have a really unique look, but infrared film can be really tricky to use (Kodak infrared, which is no longer made, needed to be loaded into the camera in complete darkness). I decided to shoot them in my toy Holga camera, but figured I'd end up blowing both rolls, as Holgas are known for having light leaks, which would likely ruin the film.

I did a bit of research in the internet, and encouraged by what I read, took my Holga camera with me for a weekend visit to Michigan. I shot both rolls in my Holga with an infrared filter attached. Surprisingly, most of the shots turned out pretty well. I was guessing at exposure, yet most of the shots are exposed decently well. I didn't use a tripod for long exposures, but there isn't a lot of blur in the shots.

This shot is the Longway Planetarium in Flint, MI. I've had this on my list of places to shoot for years, and was glad I had my Holga with me when my sister suggested a visit to the neighboring art museum. The planetarium and surrounding buildings are modern, International Style structures, and the infrared gives them an almost eerie, futuristic look.

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