Sunday, May 16, 2010

Polarizing FIlter

Here's a quick photography lesson. It's a demonstration of one of the uses of a polarizing filter. Both photos were taken with a circular polarizing filter attached to my digital camera. The way the filter was rotated changed the amount of glare on the surface of the water.

Which one do you like better?


Felicia Monique said...

I think I like the first one more. I dislike the dirt beneath the water, and prefer the clearer reflection of the tree.

Ian Shepherd said...

I just got me a polarizing lens wow, what a difference, see fish under the water, great tool. I think the purpose of the exercise with the two puddle pics is to show how the polarizing filter can eliminate glare to cut through to view under the water, good example, maybe the trout weren't running that day! ;)