Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Confusion Hill

Confusion Hill is one of many tourist traps which line Highway 101 in Northern California in and around the giant redwood groves. This is one of those 'mystery spot' places, basically a ramshackle cabin perched at an odd angle on a hillside which fosters visual illusions about size and angle of objects. I didn't take the tour, I just hit the gift shop here. There were no tacky postcards to be found (I collect them), and their t-shirts were badly designed (I like t-shirts from tourist traps).

A couple days (and a few hour's drive) after visiting Confusion Hill, I saw the real thing: The Oregon Vortex, the very first of the mystery spots. This time, I actually paid the nine dollars and went inside, figuring it was worth it just for the history of the place. It was a dud, and the visual illusions were pretty unimpressive. I'm still glad I went, a cheesy tourist trap is a good palate cleanser from all the natural beauty in the northwest! They didn't have any tacky postcards, either, and their t-shirts were pretty uninspiring as well (but better than the ones at Confusion Hill).

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