Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is a Holga camera photo taken at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. The piece in the photo was discovered in the ancient city of Persepolis in what is now Iran.

It'a a beautiful piece, and probably my favorite item in that museum (which is a great place to visit, by the way). This photo doesn't show the size of the sculpture well. It's huge-from the end of the nose to the top of the head is at least six feet.

I don't often show my more 'serious' work here. I save that for my other blog, Lightbender. I'm making an exception now, because I think it's interesting to compare the original photo with way I ended up using it.

This is a gum bichromate print made of the photo. It's a duotone print, I used black and magenta as my colors (gum bichromate is an alternative photo printing process that uses watercolor paint as part of a hand painted light sensitive emulsion). This print was part of the work created during my sabbatical a couple of years ago.

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