Monday, December 29, 2008


This might be my last post of 2008. I'm leaving soon for a 2-day getaway in Galena, IL. I probably won't be posting anything while there. I'll try to post something on the 31st, when I return home, but can't guarantee it. In case I don't post before then, let me wish everyone who reads this Happy New Year.

This photo was taken in my friend Els' garden in Wenum, Netherlands in 2005. Her house has the most beautiful gardens I've seen in a private residence anywhere. The pond was located in a courtyard area between two wings of the house. Here's another photo taken at the pond. You can see one of the many frogs that live there.

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Dakota said...

You sent me a card (nickname GoodMorgning) but there were incorrect ID. Could you give the right one?